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Three Tips for Garage Door Repairs

San Jose garage door repairGarage Door Repair Tips

Fixing your garage door can be quite confusing.  It can be a struggle for homeowners to identify some of the common problems.  There are so many moving parts in a garage door that identifying the breakdown may require a professional.

Whether it’s the garage door, garage opener, the garage tracks and wheels, the springs or the belt, it’s important to maintain and repair a malfunctioning part before things can get worse.

If you want a garage door that will last you a lifetime with minimal problems and maintenance, then you might want to consider these tips.

Trouble Shoot Your Problems

Before jumping to conclusions and assuming that your garage door will need some serious repairs, it’s best to begin by troubleshooting your problems.  You can start by trying to open the garage door with all of your garage door openers.  Batteries will die overtime, so it’s important to check all garage openers and swap out batteries when necessary.

If your garage door openers won’t do the trick, then check the laser eye located near the bottom of the garage door. This eye is about 6 inches off the ground and it runs an invisible laser to the other side of the garage door.  It’s in charge of stopping the garage door if something crosses it’s pass.  This sensor can get extremely dirty which may affect the way it’s suppose to function.  Be sure that you clean the laser when your garage isn’t working and remove all dirt that has harden on the exterior of the sensor.   This may be one reason as to why the garage door isn’t working.

Check your garage door springs.  These springs are what make it possible for your garage door to open and close, and if they break or are extremely rusted, then chances are you’ll need to repair or replace these springs.  Be cautious when checking these springs because if they break and snap off, you could be in danger of severe injuries if you get hit.  Chances are you’ll need a professional garage door company to make repairs if your springs are the problem.

If you’re not quite sure of the problems, then contact a local garage door company to stop by for an inspection.  A professional on site will be able to quickly identify and most likely repair the problem right there on the spot.

Use The Right Tools

Don’t even think about getting your old toolbox out to repair your garage door.  Garage door repairs typically require specific tools as their parts are unique in how they are put together.  Using the wrong tools could lead damage the garage door beyond the point of repairing.  You can visit your local hardware store and speak with their professionals about the repairs that are needed and what equipment will be needed to make the repairs.  If you’re not sure how to use specific equipment, then consult with a professional, or simply hire a garage door repair company.

Hire a Professional

There is nothing easy when it comes to a do-it-yourself garage door repair project.  People usually end up making things worse and spending more money in the long run when trying to diagnose and fix a garage door.  Hiring a professional will ensure that your garage door is getting the proper care it needs.  From inspection to completion, hiring a garage door company will make for the best results for all of your garage door repairs.


If you feel like you’re pulling your hair out because of the troublesome garage door repairs, then do the sensible thing and hire a licensed garage door company to solve your problems.  If you find the right professional, they will be able to attend and complete your garage door repairs within minutes or at least a few hours.