What To Look For In a Garage Door Company

garage door companyHiring the Right Garage Door Pros

If you are in the need of garage door services then you’ll want to make sure that you do your research before hiring.

Especially in a highly populated city, there are plenty of companies that offer garage door services near you.

But how do you know you’re hiring the right one?

There are several things to consider before hiring a garage door company http://www.fivestargaragedoorservice.com to handle your garage door repairs, garage door installations, or replacing parts to a rundown garage door. This is a big decision for your home as the garage door is one of the largest and most valuable fixture on the house.

Read The Reviews

One of the most important aspect in buying anything is reading the reviews for the business. These reviews can be helpful in your decision making as you get to see what other people experienced when hiring a specific garage door repair company.

Whether it’s Google, Yelp, or even Facebook, take the time to read through some of the reviews to see what people have to say about the business, their customer service, pricing, and delivery time.  Garage door companies that have an average 5 star rating are more likely to be trusted by potential customers.  What really separates the best garage door companies from the rest is the amount of 5 star reviews they have.

You’ll be more inclined to trust a garage door company that has 20 five star reviews as opposed to a company that only has three.  The more positive reviews that a garage door company gets from it’s customers is proof that it’s a garage door company that you can count on.

Request a Quote

Once you have your garage door companies narrowed down to the best around, it’s important to call around for a quote.  Most companies will be able to give you a quote over the phone for typical garage door repairs.  However, for more complicated repairs, you might have to have a professional come to the site for an inspection.

In any case, make sure that you are getting the best deal you can by asking for a quote from multiple garage door companies before pulling the trigger.

Check Their Website

Finding the perfect garage door company should begin by looking at their website.  The first thing you want to look for is whether or not the business is licensed and bonded.  The company should state on their website that they are licensed and bonded in order to run their business.  If you don’t see this listed anywhere on their website, then it’s time to move on to the next garage door company.

Ask For Recommendations

With the cool new feature of recommendations on Facebook, you can instantly get hooked up with a garage door company from anyone on your friends list.  This is the perfect way to get connected with the business from someone else who trusts them enough to refer them to you.  What’s even better is that friends can tag the name of the business in the comments section if the business has a Facebook page.  This will direct you straight to their page where you can see their phone number, services, business hours etc.

Asking your friends for recommendations just might be your best bet at finding the perfect garage door company. It’s extremely unlikely that one of your friends would recommend a company that were unsatisfied with.


Ultimately, you’ll want to do your due diligence before hiring a garage door company for any repairs or installations. Find out what other people have said about the business and read about their experiences.  Check in with your friends and ask them if they can refer you to the garage door company that fits your needs.  Be sure to call around asking for a price on the services that you may need, and go with the business that has the lowest price, but also provides the best customer service.